Strategic Initiative Committees

Strategic Initiative Committees

Active Learning and Technology

  • Members:Sam Spiegel, Chair; Michael Erickson, Renee Falconer, Tracy Gardner, Gus Greivel, Bill Hoff, Pat Kohl, Neal Sullivan
  • Charge:Defining the nature, role, extent of, and support for active learning and technology on the campus.
  • Breakout Session Facilitators:Sam Spiegel, Patrick Kohl
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Admissions Strategic Intent

  • Members:Heather Boyd, Chair;Terry Parker,Corey Wahl, Kay Schneider, Michael Erickson, Peter Han, Nicole Sandage
  • Charge:Investigate and recommend ways to better define and promote the Strategic Intent of our Undergraduate Admissions Activities.
  • Breakout Session Facilitators:Heather Boyd, Kay Schneider
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Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering (BSE Degree 2.0)

  • Members:Kevin Moore, Chair; Peter Han, Jeff Holley, Nigel Middleton, Mark Mondry, Graham Mustoe, John Persichetti
  • Charge: Proactively consider either a sunsetting of the old engineering degree or reformulating this degree in a way that adds value to the institution.
  • Breakout Session Facilitators:Kevin Moore, John Persichetti
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Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

  • Members:Tom Boyd, Chair; Terri Hogue, Greg Jackson, Mark Jensen, Dan Knauss, Ivar Reimanis, Tina Voelker, Michael Walls
  • Charge:Examine Mines’ existing cross disciplinary programs and recommend changes to management practices of cross departmental and cross college efforts that promote effectiveness within the programs and the departments.
  • Breakout Session Facilitators:Terri Hogue, Mark Jensen
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Degree Programs of Distinction

  • Members:Kevin Moore, Chair, Linda Battalora, Robert Braun, Jered Dean, Mark Eberhart, Vaughan Griffiths, Paul Santi, Sam Spiegel.
  • Charge:Defining how our undergraduate degree programs are or should be distinctive.
  • Breakout Session Facilitators:Mark Eberhart, Jered Dean
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Family Friendly Campus

  • Members:Thomas Boyd, Kirsten Volpi
  • Charge:Initial administrative review of Senate family friendly proposal.
  • Breakout Session Facilitators:Kirsten Volpi, Kamini Singha
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First and Second Year Experience

  • Members:John Berger, Chair; Deb Carney, Jessica Keefer, Carolyn Koh, Vince Kuo, Toni Lefton, Leslie Light, Kay Schneider, Chris Shorey, Sam Spiegel
  • Charge:Review and consider recommendations to significantly enhance the first and second year experience at Mines from a holistic perspective.
  • Breakout Session Facilitators:John Berger, Leslie Light
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Growing and Supporting the Research Enterprise

  • Members:Tracy Camp, Tzahi Cath, Hossein Kazemi, Paul Sava, John Speer, Ryan Richards, Lisa Kinzel, Bruce Honeyman
  • Charge:To help Mines achieve the research goal in the Mines’ Strategic Plan, the Task Force is being charged to develop a comprehensive plan for university investment in research: How can CSM more effectively utilize its resources (capital and human) to achieve the premier status in research?
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Revenue and Reputation Enhancements from Short Course and Certificate Program Activity

  • Members:Nigel Middleton, Chair; Tom Boyd, Roger Cusworth, Ramona Graves, Veronica Graves, Michael Kaufman, Bruce Honeyman, Barry Martin, Kevin Moore, Vicki Nichol
  • Charge:Evaluate and develop actionable initiatives that will significantly enhance Mines’ continuing and executive education enterprise, which is operated through the Office of Special Programs and Continuing Education (SPACE).
  • Breakout Session Facilitators:Nigel Middleton, Michael Walls
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Strategic Intent for Biology Efforts

  • Members:Mike Kaufman, Chair; Joel Bach, Cecilia Diniz Behn, Christopher Higgins, Keith Neeves, Brian Trewyn
  • Charge:Define how bio best fits on the campus from the perspectives of our role and mission, and the students we serve, the degrees we grant, and the desired outcomes obtained by graduates.
  • Breakout Session Facilitators:Joel Bach, Keith Neeves
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Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant Support

  • Members: Tom Boyd, Chair; Ramona Graves, Mike Kaufman, Kevin Moore
  • Charge: rationalizing and prioritizing our needs related to graduate student and classroom instructional support.
  • Breakout Session Facilitators:Tom Boyd, Ramona Graves
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Building a Community: Mines as a University (Faculty Senate Sponsored)

Expanding International Opportunities for CSM Students (Faculty Senate Sponsored)

  • Breakout Session Facilitators:Jürgen Brune and Rachel Osgood
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